SecureDrop Workstation Project Status

SecureDrop Workstation is currently in active development, and has not yet had a stable release.

The 1.0.0 general availability release is tentatively planned for Q3/Q4 2024.

Freedom of the Press Foundation has operated a pilot program with a limited number of organizations whose environments were especially well-suited for early testing of the Workstation. This pilot program is now closed. No new pilot participants will be considered or accepted, and current pilot participants can expect to transition to the standard support experience before the general availability release is made available later in 2024.

Is SecureDrop Workstation right for you?

Until SecureDrop Workstation reaches general availability, we would recommend against using it in production environments (outside of users who have already installed it as part of the pilot program).

That said, the project is entirely open source, and you can install it independently if you want to get a feel for how it all works.

If you’re a journalist or news organization trying to decide if this is right for you, please note that SecureDrop Workstation should only be used by organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • You have an existing SecureDrop Server in place

  • You have fewer than 500 Sources on the Server

  • You typically only interact with .pdf, .doc, and .jpg files via your SecureDrop

  • You have a functional Secure Viewing Station to fall back on

If you do not meet the criteria above, you are likely to run into difficulties or frustrating experiences using the Workstation, and should consider waiting until it is more mature.


In its current state, if you have more than 500 Sources on your server you will experience significant performance issues using SecureDrop Workstation that may hinder your ability to use it at any functional level.

Do you still need a Tails-based Secure Viewing Station?

For now, yes. There are still circumstances where the SecureDrop Workstation may not be able to retreive or show submissions. The main instances are either in situations where there are a substantial number of sources or submissions stored on the SecureDrop server, or in instances were you are trying to open a file type that the Workstation is not yet equipped to handle.

Once SecureDrop Workstation is more mature, you will be able to use it to view most submissions, but for now, having the Secure Viewing Station available as a backup is imperative.

Roadmap and Timeline

You can find information about our current development roadmap and timeline at the SecureDrop Development Wiki.

General availability

When SecureDrop Workstation reaches general availability in mid-2024, any organizations who have used a previous version of SecureDrop Workstation will need to perform a complete reinstallation of Qubes 4.2 and the SecureDrop Workstation.