SecureDrop Workstation is in a limited beta phase, and is not recommended for general use at this time. See our blog post for more information.

What is Qubes OS?

Qubes OS is an open source, security-focused operating system. It is very different than operating systems you may be familiar with already, because it consists of multiple isolated virtual machines that allow you to separate more trusted components, files, or programs on your computer from less trusted components, files, or programs.

Broadly speaking, this means that even if files in one of your virtual machines are exposed to malware, files in others still have some protection, which is not true of other operating systems.

What is SecureDrop Workstation?

SecureDrop Workstation is a pilot project that uses Qubes to make SecureDrop faster and simpler for journalists to use.

A key feature of SecureDrop is that journalists can receive submissions from unknown sources without risking the security of their own machines and networks. Previously, SecureDrop accomplished this by using a physical airgap (the Secure Viewing Station), meaning that to view submissions, journalists would have to download them, transfer them to an encrypted USB drive, and physically take that drive to a separate, non-networked computer for decryption and viewing. SecureDrop Workstation combines all of those steps into one workflow on one machine: a Qubes computer that combines the Journalist Workstation and the Secure Viewing Station.

For more information on SecureDrop Workstation, see our FAQ.